Thursday, October 14, 2010

6 weeks

How Far Along: 6 weeks, although my u/s photo says 6 weeks two days ago, but I'm going with when my retrieval was.

Size of baby: Small pea. (.25in)

Maternity Clothes: No.

Stretch Marks: No more than the usual. LOL. And I know that they are genetic, so I'm sure I'll end up with them, but I have started using oil and creams to help minimize when they do come.

Sleep: Still waking up every night and staring at the ceiling for about 45mins-1 hour.

Best Moment of the Week: Seeing that everything is where it belongs and right on schedule.

Movement: No.

Symptoms: Tired, sore bbs, some little cramping ... that's about it. I may regret saying this, but "Come on morning sickness, I welcome you!"

Food cravings:

Gender: ?

What I Miss: Nothing.

What I'm Looking Forward To: My next ultrasound on Wednesday ... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let there be a strong heartbeat!

Weekly Wisdom: Don't itch your PIO injection sites - it will only make it worse!

Milestones: Seeing on the ultrasound that the little bean is in my uterus and is good ... that is a first!

Emotions: I'm relaxed - not overly happy, but not sad. I think next week is going to be a big week for me. I think seeing a heartbeat will make we realize that there is a little one growing and doing well inside of me.

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  1. I like these weekly things you have started!! They are cute and I can't wait to keep reading them week after week!! Good luck at your ultrasound on Monday!!

    BZ Friend