IVF Cycle #1

IVF Cycle #1 - September 2010

Aug 10th - Mini-consult
Aug 13th - AF shows up
Aug 14th - b/w and baseline u/s
Aug 16th - Insurance approves IVF. Received information regarding eSET. Possibly?
                   Start BCP
Aug 19th - IVF Orientation
Sonohystogram and trial transfer.
Aug 21st - Received all my crazy meds!
Sept 1st - Last BCP
Found out eSET actually isn't covered by my program. OK. Back to the basics.
Sept 3rd - b/w and u/s
Everything came back fine. Got the OK to start the stims.
Sept 5th - Start Stims
225ml of G.onal-F and Menopur. C starts antibiotics. 
AF showed right on schedule. And hopefully won't be back for a LOONNGGG time!
Sept 7th - B/W. E2 rising. Lowered dose down to 150ml G.onal-F. Still 1 M.enopur. E2 156
Sept 9th - B/W & U/S. Did a brief count - 12 or so follicles ranging from 9-10mm. Increase dose back to 225ml. Add C.etrotide on the 10th. E2 274
Sept 11th  - B/W & U/S. Bunch of 11's, 12's, 13's mm and a bunch of smaller ones. 225ml g.onal-f, 1 m.enopur and 1 c.etrotide; E2 859
Sept 13th  - B/W & U/S Follicles ranging from 16-19mm; 225ml g.onal-f, 1 m.enopur and 1 c.etrotide; E2 2060
Sept 14th - Trigger HcG 10,000; E2 2489
Sept 16th - ER 10:30 AM; 17 eggies retrieved; 11 fertilized; Start PIO and e.strace
Sept 21st - ET 5 day transfer 11:00 am; 
Transferred back 2 grade B blastocyst, none to freeze. :(

Sept 30th - Beta - Positive; HCG 50; Increase PIO to 1.5ml and stop e.strace
October 4 - Beta - HCG 360
October 6 - Beta - HCG 1008
October 12 – Ultrasound: One perfect little bean! EDD is June 7 or 9.
October 20 – Ultrasound: Saw the beautiful heart beat!! Strong!! YAY!

Nov 3 - Last appt and u/s with RE!!!

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  1. Yay for starting the BCP! AF arrived for me today right on time. I can't do the BCP because of migraines but am starting the Lupron August 30th. We are in this together!