Thursday, July 12, 2012

Peyton Laughing

This. Is. The. Best.
She really gets going around 1:00

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

1 yr old

I'm going to avoid the ever looming fact that I haven't been on here since April .... and just gloat that my little baby is now a 1 YEAR OLD! (well 1 yr and 3 weeks)

First birthday was great. Although she was sick - had a cold and was generally unhappy. And then to add insult to injury, three days after her first birthday she went in for surgery to get tubes in her ears. It was a joyous week tainted by sickness and hospitals. BUT all in all, she is growing big and strong. Walking, talking, eating her way into toddlerhood. I couldn't have imagine this past year any better. Peyton really is the best thing I've ever done and had in my life.

I'll try to get on and go thru her massive birthday party (yes, I went over the top) but until then I'll just leave you with the cutest photos of her EVER!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Peyton 10 months

Hmmm ... Maybe 17lbs (last time we were at the doc was two weeks ago and she was 16lbs 10oz)


Diaper size
I are finishing up our 2's, but we purchased a huge box of 3's - cruisers. They seem to hold it all in, so we are movin' on up!

Clothing size
3-6 months in baby g.ap; 6 months in c.arter's; She still wears 3 month onesies. I started buying summer stuff and I pushed myself to buy 6-12 in g.ap and 9 months in c.arters ... She will eventually get bigger - I think.

Feeding Schedule
8 am - 7oz formula
10am - 3oz oatmeal, 2oz fruit, some water, cheerios; sometimes we do egg yolks and a sliver of toast.
12pm - 6oz; snack (cracker or something)
1:30pm – 2-4oz veggies, finger food (today was avocados) and puffs
4pm - 6oz
6pm - 2 oz "dinner" (chicken mixed with veggies); 2oz veggies, some water; graham cracker for "dessert"
8pm - 7oz

We are on the verge of dumping pureed stuff and moving to all finger foods. We do that at home all the time, but it's easier right now at daycare to just give them a jar of e.arth's b.est and call it a day.

Sleeps great. Bedtime slowly receded from 8 to 7:30. With summer coming, she'll be in bed before the sun goes down soon. She wakes up anywhere from 7 - 7:45am. Usually takes (2) 1.5-2 hr naps when she's home with me. It's a different story at daycare. I think she just doesn't want to miss anything (she is so my husband in that regards)

Favorite toy/entertainment
I bought her these cups that fit into each other on a whim - they were in the check out line at BRU - she LOVESSSS them. She can sit there forever playing with them.

First top tooth – April 3
Cruising - March 25
We ask her where Ma-ma is and she turns to me and says"ma-ma" and she does the same with "da-da" - I'm not counting that as first words b/c we prompt it. She does say "Whoa" a lot and it's so cute. I'm sure it's just the sound she likes making, but still, so cute.
Starting pushing her "walker" around - she walks all over now.
She still can't stand by herself or no sign of taking unassisted steps yet.

She loves the swing

April 3rd - 10 months old!!!

Easter Breakfast

Love these tights

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Crunch time

Starting a work out schedule can be daunting - especially when I want most, if not all of my non working, non sleeping time with Peyton, but nevertheless it is needed. I've worked out a hand full of times since I've had the baby but not on a consistent basis. It's prob been almost 2 yrs since I was steadily working out. I stopped right before we started ivf. That would be July 2010.
As you may have read a few posts ago (pumping 101) it is go time.
My stomach is a soft, pillow-ly cousin of its former self; my arms continue to wave after I've said my goodbyes (no thanks to my super light baby - she's not even heavier than my dumbbells!); and my ass has become very helpful in transforming itself into a shelf I can place things on. needless to say I have to start working out. I convinced C to purchase us a treadmill in the promise that I will get on that thing multiple times a week. The new machine and I have only met twice since its move in about two wks ago. I need some motivation. You would think the fact that I'm carrying a muffin around my waist would do it - but ah nope.
So I decided to register for a race. A simple 5k. In 3 mons. Enough time to be realistic but not too much time that I can put off starting. So with that being said I will starting my training program tomorrow morning - 6am. I am making my friends here hold me accountable. Ask me how it's going. Ask me when I ran last. I need some pushers! I will - gulp - post a "before" post and ?!?!! Photo ?!?! this week. Yikes!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Peyton 9 months

16lbs 4oz (at home weigh in)

I think she’s close to 27” ??? I should measure her.

Diaper size
2’s still. I think we will be here for a little bit more.

Clothing size
3-6 months in baby gap; 6 months in carter's; She still wears 3 month onesies. Crazy.

Feeding Schedule
8 am - 7oz formula
10am - 2oz oatmeal, 2oz fruit, some water
12pm - 7oz (she usually only drinks about 3-4oz of this one)
1:30pm – 2-4oz veggies, puffs
4pm - 7oz
6pm - 2 oz "dinner" (chicken mixed with veggies); 2oz veggies, some water
8pm - 7oz

We started giving her a lot more fingers foods. She LOVES pieces of chicken. And I think she is a huge carb fan – puffs, bread, graham crackers, pasta … I also started mashing up veggies and fruits. Soon enough we will dump the pureed stuff and go straight with whatever we are eating.

Normally sleeps through the night and I’ve noticed that she is waking up earlier than usual, but just sitting there talking to herself. She seems fine just entertaining herself.

Favorite toy/entertainment
She loves the remote control – I gave her an old one, so she has her own now. She loves ripping magazines and playing with anything that is not really a toy – phones, shoes, paper, pens, etc.

Second tooth – March 2
Full on crawling – early Feb
Getting into a sitting position by herself – mid Feb
Pulling to a stand – Feb 26 (she has taken a few steps around the coffee table to get to some toys)
Starting to “wave” hi and bye – Mar 1
(last week was a big week for her!)

yay - the Giants won!!!

I love water!

Big girl standing!

Big Brother ... baby style!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Peyton 8 Months

15lbs 4oz (6th percentile)

26" (17th percentile)

Diaper size
2's - she has the cutest tush

Clothing size
3-6 months in baby gap; 6 months in carter's;

Feeding Schedule
8 am - 7oz formula
10am - 2oz oatmeal, 2oz fruit, some water
12pm - 7oz
4pm - 7oz
6pm - 2 oz "dinner" (chicken mixed with veggies); 2oz veggies, some water

Tomorrow we are starting a third solid feeding at 2pm.

Still sleeping thru the night. She has been getting up at night due to teething or something. I've been seeing a lot of 4ams lately.

Favorite toy/entertainment
She loves her Dance Wiggle dog - I don't know what the real name is, but you know what I'm talking about. She loves ABC blocks and my iTouch with Laugh and Learn apps.

First tooth - Jan 18th
Creeping around - almost crawling - mid January
Starting to clap - just a few days ago

Thursday, February 2, 2012

None more deserving than she

In this trying world of IF, you “meet” lots of different people. You feel a connection with other women going through the same or similar thing. In my case it was because no one in my real life understood; I needed to feel like I wasn’t alone. You join message boards and start blogs sharing your most intimate, deepest feelings/secrets/moments with, essentially complete strangers. You don’t think that these “web-friendships” will ever turn into anything more. Except I couldn’t have been more wrong. I found a connection with a bunch of ladies and I have a feeling we will always keep in touch – but there is one woman that I felt like I knew (M at Seriously?!). I got her. She got me. I confided in her more than I did my closest “real” friends. We cried and laughed and we wished together for the one thing we were both missing – a family. I swear the only reason we have never met is because we live on opposite sides of the country, her in fact, in another country! But we talked and daydreamed about our meeting and all the fun we would have.

When my dream of wanting a baby started to become a reality, she was nothing but a solid cheerleader for me. Sending me well wishes along the way. Calming my fears. All while struggling still with the beast of IF. She has been dealt a difficult hand and I don’t think there is ANYONE more deserving of a family – she is loving, funny, motherly and kind.

Well a few days ago, after many years of trying, waiting and agonizing, her wish finally came true. Her daughter was born. I can’t even describe how happy I am for her. Words seem so little in comparison of how I feel. I wish I could jump on a plane and head over there just to give her the biggest hug ever. She is going to be a fantastic mother.

I know you are holding your breath, waiting anxiously for the weeks to pass before there is no turning back, but I know that this little one will forever be in your arms.

So here is to you my friend, M – Enjoy! Enjoy it all. The tiny toes, the softest skin and the heart that has stolen yours. xoxo

Monday, January 23, 2012

Pumping 101 (or Advanced Cardio)

I haven’t really touched on the subject of pumping except for a few months ago when I mentioned that I wasn’t breastfeeding anymore, just pumping. Well the long story was that P, around 4 weeks old, was refusing the boob. She would start nursing and then after the initial letdown, she would pull off and scream and cry. Our “magical moments” of nursing turned into a nightmare that lasted over an hour long and ended with both of us crying. I called every lactation consultant I knew. I went and nursed in front of one and the conclusion we all came to was that I had a strong letdown and then P was getting pissed that she had to actually do a little work to get the rest of it out. I had a few LC tell me that I needed to stop pumping, stop giving a random bottle and go back to a strict boob to mouth relationship – even if it took “3 – 5 weeks” … um, when this was going down, I had about 8 more weeks of maternity leave and then I would be giving bottles all the time anyhow. I couldn’t imagine going through another feeding of the screaming, let alone 5 WEEKS of it!

So I decided to pump and supplement with formula if I had to. What I didn’t realize was that P would have a milk protein allergy. So after giving her 3 oz of formula over three days (if what I pumped was low, I’d put in 1 oz of form) she started to have blood in her stool. Great! So long story short, I couldn’t bare to give her the hypo allergic stuff that smelt like Cheez-Its, so I hunkered in and started a pumping routine. Not how I envisioned giving her breast milk, but it would have to do. And if I say so myself, I did pretty well.

I started out pumping every 2-3 hours to get my supply up, then every 3 hours, then every 4. In the beginning, until mid September (after I returned to work) I would nurse her in the middle of the night. She was sleepy so she didn’t care about how fast or slow it was coming out. But eventually when the supply wasn’t working for her, she started to wake up every hour or so looking for food and being back at work, this didn’t fly with me. So I then started to pump in the middle of the night. It was tiring. It was stupid (I would pump, put it in a bottle and C would feed her) Eventually I got on a schedule – Woke up at 7, pumped; Went to work; pump at 11, pump at 3; pick up P; pump at 7; Stay up to 11; pump – leave pumped milk out in case P woke up before I did in the middle of the night; pump at 3AM; put 11PM milk in fridge, now have 3AM milk to feed when she woke at 4AM to eat. (my supply was pretty good – I was getting a solid 28-30oz a day, so I had enough to feed her and I could add to my freezer stash) I was getting in, at best, 3.5 hours blocks of sleep. This did not make for a productive lady during the day. I did this – EVEN after P left our room in November and started sleeping through the night (I still left out a bottle in case she woke up hungry.) I vowed to stick to this until she turned 6 months old. I would have LOVED to nurse her until a year old, but I couldn’t do another 6 months of this. So I started around mid November to alter my pumping schedule. I started to increase the time between until I eventually stopped pumping on December 7th. I was sad. I couldn’t believe it was over. I no longer possessed the ability to feed my child. Def sadder than I thought I’d be. But nonetheless, I did 6 months and felt pretty good about it. I started mixing in the hypo allergic formula – which to my surprise she took to seamlessly. I went through my stash and completely switched her over two days before Xmas.

NOW to the point of my post. I gained a total of 23 lbs during my pregnancy. I was expecting to lose a good portion after delivering her, but to my surprise when I jumped on the scale the day I got home from the hospital and I had only lost about 7-8 lbs. However the following weeks I saw the scale number drop, drop and drop. Man this pumping thing rocked! When I surpassed my pre-pregnancy weight I was thrilled. When I saw I was 10 lbs lighter than when I started the IVF process, I was over the moon! I didn’t exercise – I mean who has the time. I wanted to sleep when the time arose! I was fitting into clothes I couldn’t wear the summer before. This was amazing! I was eating like shit – however I had cut out all dairy b/c P had the milk protein allergy – but I was living off potato chips and candy! Seriously!! But the pounds just stayed off.

And then I stopped pumping.

1. My boobs were no longer milk-fabulous and perky. They were worn out and sloppy. The amount of abuse I put them through with pumping started to show. They are straight up African tribe looking. I wonder if National Geographic will come knocking soon!

2. I got my period. I SERIOUSLY forgot all about it. I hadn’t had it in over 14 months and it was wonderful! In fact when I got it, it was like I was 13 again and didn’t know how to handle it. I was running to the bathroom all the time, swearing that I was leaking. Fun stuff.

3. Hmmmm. My pants were starting to get tighter. That’s weird. I pondered that until I got on the scale and saw that I was 6 lbs heavier than I was just a mere 3 weeks earlier! Holy Shit. My stomach was falling over the top of my jeans. My bra straps were showing the ever growing back fat that came home from a long vacation. This was terrible. Even though I was/am still lower than my pre-pregnancy weight, I look so much worse! I’m soft … ALL over! I can’t get throughout the day without pulling up pants, pulling down a shirt, shifting a bra, etc.

I really took for granted the power of the pump! I have a ton of shouldas-wouldas (should have worked out while pumping; would have been able to lose more weight, etc.) but I just didn’t realize how quickly the weight would come back on. So I’m in the mist of getting back on the cardio train. I’m having trouble finding the time between working, wanting to spend quality time with P and C and of course, sleeping to work out. I know moms do it. And I know it’s just rearranging the schedule a bit … and as I start to sweat the pounds away, all I think about it is DAMN I wish I were still pumping!

Monday, January 2, 2012

And we're off ...

C and I are in the throes of packing up the last minute stuff before we go to bed. We are taking Peyton on her first plane trip tomorrow morning. We are headed off to Florida to visit my dad and stepmom. I'm excited about this trip for many reasons.
One - we are heading out of this cold place and going to hit up the warm weather! (Actually I don't think it's suppose to be all that warm tomorrow there but still a hell of a lot better than home's temp <25 degrees!!!>)
Two - I'm excited to take Peyton on a plane. I know she will NEVER remember this, but still I will like telling her about this experience - I didn't go on my first plane trip until I was 19.
Three - Obviously excited to see my dad and spend some time with him. Excited to see his house - he recently built a home in a retirement community. Apparently this community is like a big college for retired people. Lots of mid day drinking, golfing, lunching, golfing, drinking, etc. Hopefully it should be a good time!
And fourth - this is a big one ... C and I are leaving Peyton with my dad and stepmom for two nights and heading over to the gulf for a little get away. This will be the very first time I'm away from her overnight. Let alone two nights! I think I'll be OK, but who knows. Luckily we are only a car drive away so if I'm desperately missing her, we could always pop in the car and head back to my dad's. OR I'll just drink as soon as we get to the resort and relish in the fact that I sleep in and nap whenever I want to! :)

Anyhow, I'll post in a week or so, hopefully with some pics of me with a tan!!! LOL. Enjoy your week ladies!!