Friday, October 1, 2010


Ok. So yesterday was the big day. The BETA day. I was so nervous all day long. The "symptoms" from the HCG shot wore off and other than feeling the sore boobs and exhaustion from the PIO shots, I didn't have any real pregnancy symptoms. So I was kind of expecting the worst.

I took off of work to be home with C while I got the call. So the phone rings and I look at the caller id and see the number. C sits next to me as I answer the phone. The docs words were this, "So Kim, I'm calling with the results from your pregnancy test. Congratulations, it is positive. Stop taking the Estrace and up your PIO shots to 1 1/2ml." Finally she breaks and I said OMG Thanks and asked her what my number was. And then the rug came up from underneath me, "50." Ugh.

Everything I've read, I've heard, I've seen you're beta at 9dp5dt should be at least 100. So I'm not jumping with joy yet. I go back on Monday for the follow up beta. I had originally been told I'd go back on Saturday, so I questioned this and she said Monday would be fine. Now I'm jumping to conclusions since the RE didn't tell me to be cautious or anything, but I am. I've had several miscarriages and the first beta for all was around this number at this timeframe. All but the chemical pregnancy (which was 26, not far off) I have to say that I don't have a good feeling about this. But I will wait until Monday and see what happens.

I wish I had a better feeling about it.


  1. I am soooo pulling for you, Girl! Having super positive thoughts and strong beta-increasing vibes for you.

  2. Fingers crossed for a higher beta this time around. I'm thinking positively for you!

  3. I am pulling for you and your little bean. I hope it just implanted on the late side and will catch up. I will be praying for you all weekend!

  4. Oh girl that is tough! She take the good news of the positive test and hope for the best!!! Crossing my fingers, arms, legs, eyes....everything for you!!!