Bumps and Babies

Here I will post pictures of my growing bump. And then when baby comes, my growing baby!
8 weeks

 9 weeks

 10 weeks
 11 weeks
 11 weeks 4 days
 14 weeks 4 days
17 weeks 4 days 
(oddly enough, I am wearing the same pants as 14 weeks - they are one of my more comfortable pants although you can now see I need to wear the bella band with them.)

And here is the "Tale of the Vanishing Belly
18 weeks 3 days
This is a huge difference from just one week ago. 
 19 weeks
Belly is back, but not as big as week 17.

20 weeks - Halfway mark!

22 weeks

 23w 4 d

 26 weeks

 27 weeks

28 weeks

30 weeks

 33 weeks

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