Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Crunch time

Starting a work out schedule can be daunting - especially when I want most, if not all of my non working, non sleeping time with Peyton, but nevertheless it is needed. I've worked out a hand full of times since I've had the baby but not on a consistent basis. It's prob been almost 2 yrs since I was steadily working out. I stopped right before we started ivf. That would be July 2010.
As you may have read a few posts ago (pumping 101) it is go time.
My stomach is a soft, pillow-ly cousin of its former self; my arms continue to wave after I've said my goodbyes (no thanks to my super light baby - she's not even heavier than my dumbbells!); and my ass has become very helpful in transforming itself into a shelf I can place things on. needless to say I have to start working out. I convinced C to purchase us a treadmill in the promise that I will get on that thing multiple times a week. The new machine and I have only met twice since its move in about two wks ago. I need some motivation. You would think the fact that I'm carrying a muffin around my waist would do it - but ah nope.
So I decided to register for a race. A simple 5k. In 3 mons. Enough time to be realistic but not too much time that I can put off starting. So with that being said I will starting my training program tomorrow morning - 6am. I am making my friends here hold me accountable. Ask me how it's going. Ask me when I ran last. I need some pushers! I will - gulp - post a "before" post and ?!?!! Photo ?!?! this week. Yikes!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Peyton 9 months

16lbs 4oz (at home weigh in)

I think she’s close to 27” ??? I should measure her.

Diaper size
2’s still. I think we will be here for a little bit more.

Clothing size
3-6 months in baby gap; 6 months in carter's; She still wears 3 month onesies. Crazy.

Feeding Schedule
8 am - 7oz formula
10am - 2oz oatmeal, 2oz fruit, some water
12pm - 7oz (she usually only drinks about 3-4oz of this one)
1:30pm – 2-4oz veggies, puffs
4pm - 7oz
6pm - 2 oz "dinner" (chicken mixed with veggies); 2oz veggies, some water
8pm - 7oz

We started giving her a lot more fingers foods. She LOVES pieces of chicken. And I think she is a huge carb fan – puffs, bread, graham crackers, pasta … I also started mashing up veggies and fruits. Soon enough we will dump the pureed stuff and go straight with whatever we are eating.

Normally sleeps through the night and I’ve noticed that she is waking up earlier than usual, but just sitting there talking to herself. She seems fine just entertaining herself.

Favorite toy/entertainment
She loves the remote control – I gave her an old one, so she has her own now. She loves ripping magazines and playing with anything that is not really a toy – phones, shoes, paper, pens, etc.

Second tooth – March 2
Full on crawling – early Feb
Getting into a sitting position by herself – mid Feb
Pulling to a stand – Feb 26 (she has taken a few steps around the coffee table to get to some toys)
Starting to “wave” hi and bye – Mar 1
(last week was a big week for her!)

yay - the Giants won!!!

I love water!

Big girl standing!

Big Brother ... baby style!