Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nursery in Progress

As requested, here are some pictures of the nursery. It is def still a work in progress, but it's coming along.

C and I put up the tree decal last Friday. The person from E.tsy sent us the birds in the wrong color, so we are waiting for those to finish up. I placed the ones they gave us in for placement. Also that chair in the corner isn't staying in the room. We still need to pick out a glider and then find a home for this chair.

That bench also isn't staying in the room. I think I may just put the basket of books on the floor or something ... who knows.

Here is the changing table area. I need to still get a changing pad and such.

The dresser is in the closet - as you can see, this room isn't exactly big!

Messy closet!

When I told my Dad that we are naming her Peyton, he said "Oh Peyton Place!" So rather than getting letters to spell out her name on the wall, I ordered a movie poster from the movie Peyton Place. C is working on building a cool, bulky frame for it. But I put it on the wall to see how it all works together.

The bedding - I love this bedding. I'm undecided about the bumpers ... may use them, may not.

It still needs some work, but considering she won't be in there much during the first few months anyway, I'm not too concerned on finishing it completely. I do however need to start washing her clothes, blankets, etc. I have a feeling that I'm going to procrastinate on that one!


  1. Your nursery is so beautiful. Makes me very excited when I finally get to get started on my little peanut's nursery. Beautiful work!

  2. It is gorgeous!!!! I LOVE the tree and the big mirror! Great job.

  3. Nice! In one pic the wall color appears to be blue and in the next it seems to be a light grey. Either way the yellow in the decals is a nice contrast! I see a lot of gray nursery walls in the photos that moms have sent in to my nursery picture contest lately. (Hint Hint!) ;-)

  4. Love this, I am stealing some of your ideas.

  5. Wow -- I love the nursery, and the tree decal is amazing! Makes me want to go home and get some more work done on our nursery! Very nice!

  6. Oh Kim! I"m soooooooooooo in love.

    Is it coincidence that we both have BLUE for our nursery colour???

    ;) I think not!!!

    I've been searching for a decal for the exact same placement.

    Love it!!!!


  7. Thanks ladies! I love it too. I actually wanted to go with a more adult decal (birch trees) but this decision was overruled by C. I'm glad he won. :)

    @ Michelle - it's actually gray (it has blue undertones) but I love you all the same! I searched high and low on Etsy for a decal ... there are 1000s!!! Kind of makes your head spin. xo

  8. I looked again and thought that was grey. But that's ok, my WHOLE HOUSE is grey!!!! See??? Still good! Ha,ha!

    Love it!


    That's my new abbrieviation for us. Can you guess it????