Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm melting!

I am officially hot! I have been begging and pleading for the warm weather to come, but I didn't know I would feel so hot all the time! Granted I'm at work, in a suit and the AC in this piece sucks balls, so I don't want to shun the warmth away. I just want to be in a tank top and a skirt sitting outside and enjoying the breeze. I very sternly asked a co-worker to shut her window and turn up the air in her office. Luckily, she has two kids, so she feels for me ... a little I think. Her office also controls most of the AC power in this office. The one in my art room is "supposed" to control my office and my two neighbors, but since hers is so powerful and the thermostat is closer to her office then mine, it actually shuts mine off. We went through this last year here, but I was able to just grin and bear it .... not now. I'm too fucking hot. I had our assistant call for someone to look at this again. But I'm sure there really isn't a solution - this is just the way it's going to be. I guess I better get a table fan tonight, place it on my desk and aim it directly into my face ...

I went to speak to the benefits woman yesterday about my leave. I've been having major anxiety about it because there was a timing issue. Not sure if you remember, but I was a freelancer here for many years and decided to come on staff when I found out that they covered some IVF stuff. Well my official hire date was June 7th and for an employee to received paid insurance while off they need to be here for a year. Well my due date is June 9th - so let's just say I am cutting it close - I planned on working as close to labor as possible so it wouldn't be a problem. I don't even care about getting paid for the time off - although that was never an issue. (NJ has paid short term disability and then there is a NJ Family Leave Act that pays you as well after those 6-8 weeks.) I was more concerned about the insurance because if I wasn't here a year I would have to pay into Cobra which is basically an arm and a leg. Well the benefits woman put my mind at ease yesterday. Regardless when I leave - although I'm planning on working until June 3rd - my insurance won't lapse. She will put me in for Personal Leave if I'm out before the start of June and then on June 7th, all my benefits kick in. If I leave on June 3rd - although a few days shy of my anniversary date - it doesn't matter. I already paid into June and am covered until the anniversary date. I know sounds confusing. But she basically just said to me, "Don't worry about it. You are so close it really doesn't matter." Whew! What a relief. So now whereas I was going to see how it goes, I think I'm really going to go out on June 3rd. That's nice to see an end to all the work crap! 37 more days (21 more actual days of work!!!) YAY!


  1. Oh, I can so identify with that! I'm always the person who is cold. I want blankets even in the summer. Not anymore!

    It has gotten up to 70 here -- and with all the rain we're having, it is very humid. And I am so hot! I keep not sleeping because I'm hot! I've turned on ceiling fans, but it isn't working. This is going to be a long 2 months, because we don't have central air (which I usually only complain about in August -- but I think this summer will be different!).


  2. Phew!:) I was so glad when I got to the section when the benefit lady gave you that comforting confirmation. Insurance issues suck, big time! I am glad everything will work out for you around those dates.
    I am sorry about the heat problems. That sounds bad!

  3. Hope it doesn't get too hot in your last few days before your daughter arrives.