Monday, April 11, 2011

Baby Shower Day

Yesterday was my shower. My family had planned it earlier than usual because C is the best man in his BFF’s wedding in two weeks and we didn’t want to interfere with their last minute planning. We originally thought about May, but the first weekend didn’t work out for my SIL and the following weekend was Mother’s Day. Then we start encroaching on just a few weeks before the due date. So April 10th was the date.

After all the exhaustion of the phone calls and everyone’s bitching, it turned out to be a really nice afternoon. My BFF, my mom and my MIL planned it. It was kind of small – there were about 40 people there. We had it at this restaurant that C and I go to all the time. We go there for anniversaries, celebrations and birthdays – so it meant something to us. I was watching the weather as the days were approaching because I bought these new heeled sandals I wanted to wear to it. I was so happy when I found out that the weather was going to agree! I bought a black dress from the G.ap that I absolutely loved and even though C thought it was too fancy, I said “It’s my shower – I’ll wear whatever I want.” (hello hormones)

It was set up so beautifully. I walked in a little after the start time and was greeted with an applause – which I thought was silly, but I guess normal. I did the hugs and kisses for a while and then sat down. The food was amazing … garlic and veggie cheese bread, a salad, penne and vodka and then the main entrée. Sooo good and everyone kept saying how good the food was. It was BYOB, so C bought a ton of alcohol. I partook in one glass of champagne. It was so good! The centerpieces were “potted flowers” and the flowers were these things called Cake Pops. Balls of cake with icing on a lollipop stick. They were little baby heads with flower petals around the necks.

I half way finished my meal (I was so full from the three previous courses) and started to open the gifts. There were so many of them. We got all of our larger items – which I was surprised about. The swing, the bouncy seat, the stroller/infant seat, extra base, high chair, pack and play, all the bedding, bath tub … and then there were the clothes! Tons of clothes. I actually didn’t register for that many because I know people like to pick them out. And I have to be honest, I was quite impressed with the lack of the traditional princesses, bears, and pink that are usually associated with girls. We got a lot of retro onesies (The Beatles and WonderWoman), a lot of R.alph Lauren stuff (so cute) and a ton of brown/gray items. I know those are traditionally boys’ colors, but I love them! Oh and we got a TON of books. C was so happy about that. My BFF got C a Fathers and Daughters book. It was really sweet. I flew through opening the gifts in 45 mins!!! I know it’s not overly enjoyable for anyone else, so I tried to make it as painless as possible. :)

And then came the dessert. My sister is a cake decorator and she made homemade, all natural cupcakes. They were AMAZING to say the least. She made 6 that had ABC blocks on top that spelt out Peyton and then she did three more designs – a stork holding a bundle, a little baby head coming out of greens (kind of like cabbage Patch) and booties. Everyone loved them. My mom also got a cake – my favorite and that was a hit too. The server who was “assigned” to me, brought me a piece of cake but someone had already given me one. I told her “Leave it. I’ll eat a second piece.” So good.

People started to file out after that and all that was left after a little bit was me and my high school girlfriends. God I love them. We had such a good time talking about babies and such – but in the same sarcastic, smart ass way we’ve always been.

C came with his dad and his BFF to pick up all the loot. We finally got back to the house and I was able to relax. All the stuff is sitting in the living room and I said to C “It was a great day. But do you realize that none of this” and I waved my hand to all the boxes and bags, “is for us?!?!” We both laughed and realized that our life is certainly going to change so very shortly!

I will post some pictures of the best things I got, the shower itself and of course the cupcakes when I get home later. Or maybe tomorrow. (we have a baby basics class tonight) It really was a wonderful day and I am so thankful and lucky to have great friends and family to share these times with.


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful shower. You look beautiful!

  2. Sounds like fun! Your talk of cake pops and cupcakes made me crave fondant icing. hah!

  3. Yeah! I've been waiting to hear how the shower went. Glad you had such a great time, and you were able to get so much for Peyton!

  4. It sounds you had a wonderful day! and you look gorgeous!!!:)

  5. You look great-you're definitely glowing!