Monday, April 18, 2011

Mondays Shumdays

OMG ... Monday mornings are seriously a waste of time.

I sit here at work - next to an extensive To Do list - and read blogs, message boards, etc that I've missed over the weekend instead of chipping away at my obligations. I do answer the occasional email that I don't have to do a ton of work to answer and then flag the others that require me more than a "thanks." or "got it." response.

In a perfect world, Mondays wouldn't technically start until after lunchtime. That is basically when I catch my FIRST wind of the day. I hate feeling so unmotivated here, but I just can't seem to shake it. I count the minutes until 12, so I can go to the cafe, kill a little time there, bring my lunch back, kill a little more time here and then that eats up another hour. Usually by 1 pm, I no longer can push off emails and have to do some work. I don't know why I wait to start because when I'm actually working, I find that the time flies by. I get so immersed in a design that hours can just slip away. And those are good days ... why can't Monday mornings be that way. If I were just to start working, jump into a design or a media plan, I know that the time would just melt away. BUT that is the logical side of my brain talking, and let's be honest here, I haven't consulted my logical brain in months! Everything is based on emotion, hormones and exhaustion. And Monday mornings are fueled strictly by exhaustion. I want to sleep. I want to stay in bed with my puppy dog and my hand on my belly, watching shitty TV. I don't seem to get to do that during the weekend - that's always filled with more To Do lists ... do laundry, run errands, unpack baby stuff, do a little more in the nursery, do some freelance work, etc, etc.

OK. Well my rant has taken me to 2 mins of 12. I will now commence with the next hour of blowing off work to bring me to the better part of the day. Monday afternoons. :)
Hope you all are having a better Monday AM than me!


  1. So far my Monday morning is a spitting image of yours! I hate Monday mornings or all mornings for that matter. :)

  2. I so hear you on that except that our Internet has become very limited at work so instead, that's my Sunday nights or Monday evenings.

  3. I know that feeling well. Sadly, sometimes it is more than just my Monday mornings that are sacrificed to this.... I don't think it will get any better when I'm itching to leave work to pick up the baby from daycare! I'm sure looking forward to maternity leave!

  4. My Monday mornings are just like that also! Oh wait, actually every work morning is like that. :)