Sunday, May 2, 2010

Number 1

I know the main purpose of this blog was to document our struggles with IF, however as I read back to the last two posts, I realized that I'm a big debbie downer. I want to be optimistic and have a good outlook on things and the last couple of posts haven't really given anyone a chance to "get to know" the real me - only the neurotic baby wishing complainer that I've become. :)

So I'm going to do a weekly post with a new fact about me.

Number 1
I am a graphic designer, a painter, a photographer, a fashion designer ... basically I love art. Ok - let me break down that statement.
a. I have been a graphic designer for over 8 yrs and am currently working freelance. I love it - but yes - it is work. Some of my favorites things to do is photo manipulation. I can take anyone out of an image, put someone in, move a face from one photo to another - anything you can think of. I tell all my friends - hey watch yourself, I can easily make it like you never existed. haha.
b. I paint - recently I had my first showing for the nonprofit (more on this next week) a few weeks ago and sold two paintings! Yay! I work in acrylics, however was trained in oil. But oil takes forever to dry. I like the way I can change the texture of acyclic and add different elements within.
c. I am a photographer - this is a loose statement. I took several classes in college years ago and now I'm enrolled in a class to refresh my memory. Not to pat myself on the back, but I'm not too shabby. C bought me a digital SLR in 2007 and I have a ton of lenses. I love taking photos of my friends' kids and of course S my puppy baby.
d. And lastly, a fashion designer. Ok I'm not really a fashion designer, but I recently got a sewing machine and have been making new clothes out of old clothes and I love it. Though I'm not sure any of them are wearable just yet. :) We'll see if I can ever do something with this ....

And of course I can use all of these things for the baby (I have to go to the baby place - this is a TTC blog) Make the baby announcements, do a painting for the nursery, take TONS and TONs of photos and maybe by the time a baby comes around, I will be able to make clothes for the little one... A girl can only dream.

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