Tuesday, April 27, 2010

When it rains, it pours

C and I went to a family party on Sunday for his Gma. My SIL came down - who I love - and there was brunch involved - YAY!

As soon as we got there, a picture was taken of us for a scrapbook documenting the party. Along side of where our photo was to be placed, we were to write a little message to his Gma. So being the efficient husband he is, C sat down immediately and wrote our letter. His sister wanted to "digest" the day and wait until after we ate. In the meantime everyone else continued to write in this book. Finally his sister did her thing and I took the book from her to read what C wrote from "us" and as I was skimming the pages I noticed that there was an entry from their cousin, a 24 yr old wife and mother of two, and the bottom was signed Love, Wife, Husband, Child 1, Child 2 and baby to be named ... What??? She's pregnant? I sat there looking at SIL and C with my mouth open. This girl had her first right after my first loss, had a second and is pregnant again - all while I've been trying and failing! I couldn't believe it. This coming just days after my previous post. SIL gave me a sad face, but C, knowing me so well, made a joke at their expense and got me to laugh. I got up and went over to congratulate her and then she said (mind you, these people don't know what C and I are going through, so no blame, but ...) "Oh yea - this one was a surprise. I feel like I've been nothing but pregnant for years. haha." Ahhh - ya think.

Anyway, the moral of this story is when it rains, it pours. I need to get my anti-pregnant women umbrella out, because I'm sure another storm is coming ....