Saturday, May 22, 2010

Looking for the will

Today I get to go to a friend's baby shower.

Now although I'm never thrilled to go to a baby shower - sitting around for hours watching someone ELSE opening gifts ...without drinks ... just isn't my idea of a good time (this goes for bridal showers too) - this one is just all that more painful. Having just lost another opportunity of joining the motherhood earlier this week, I'm not sure that this is a smart idea. Even though I haven't told my friend about this loss, she is aware of our struggle for a baby. She has been super great about it which is the number one reason I am attending. But still I'm sitting here, writing this, instead of getting ready for the shower that starts in an hour and a half and is at least an hour away. I'm looking for the willpower to get off the couch, put on my "Sunday's best" and head out the door to the 4 hour gift opening fest.

Usually I don't mind going especially when I know other people that are going to be there - but since this is a friendship made from marrying in (C and her husband are great friends) I'm not sure that I will even know many people there and if I do, none of them will understand why I can't "ohh" and "ahh" about the little red firetruck pjs she will be holding up.

I pray to the dear lord that there will be alcohol there! Maybe I should bring my little flask - but is that too much?

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