Friday, September 24, 2010

3dp5dt - Waiting

This waiting is killing me. It is 6 more days until I find out if this thing worked. If my life is changed forever (again). If my sanity is restored (somewhat). I wish they could tell you right away! I can't even count on my body telling me if it's expecting or not. Every other time I was able to tell - something was different. But now, all the symptoms, all the tell-tale signs are engineered by the PIO shots and the Estrace. I wake up every night to go the bathroom. My b00bs hurt like nobody's business. And I'm feeling all crampy ... thanks to the hyped up medication I'm on, I will never be able to tell if this is in fact true.

I am trying to keep myself busy. Work has been DREADFUL. I sit in front of a computer all day - access to google and blogs and message boards galore. At least it is the weekend now and I can keep myself occupied. C and I on a whim last weekend bought a whole new living room set (this came after me having a fit that we are never going to move out of our townhouse into an actually house - hormones anyone?) and I'm super excited about it. It comes tomorrow and we've been pawning off all our old furniture onto friends and neighbors. So I type this sitting on the floor in my living room awaiting the newness of a cozy couch. So that at least will keep me busy.

I took off of work on the 30th. I originally thought that I would have the RE office call C with the news while I was at work and he could prepare for me at home with either news. But I decided that it was important that we get the call together and let's be honest - there would be NO way that I would be able to concentrate at work that day. So now - I'm off for four days in case the news isn't favorable. I have enough time to cry, drink and gather myself before I walk back into work on Monday with yet another chip on my shoulder. BUT I am really hoping for (obviously) that we get to enjoy those four days together dreaming and smiling and thanking everything of higher power that our dreams have been answered. It would be nice to know that someone actually was listening.


  1. Ugh!!! I think this is the part I'm looking forward to the least including the shots and visits into my lady regions. I'll be thinking of you and crossing my fingers for good news. I'm so glad I've found your blog.

  2. That cartoon ... says it all))) this 1ww is the hardest.
    It's only couple more days, and you will know. I have very good feelings about your cycle! keeping my fingers crossed for those little embies snuggling in there:)