Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Meet my babies!

Here are my two grade B blasts that were transferred today. It went very smoothly and the nurses, RE and all were laughing and having a good time. A large majority of that is due to C. He is such a character. We took some photos during the actual transfer to add to our collection of this entire process.

Unfortunately, out of our 11 fertilized embryos, we only had these two - none to freeze. There are three more that they are on the fence about, but embryologist said it doesn't look promising. I have to say I was surprised that we didn't have more and that the grade wasn't higher. C said "You're not in your 20s babe." He is right.

Anyhow, when we looked at the paper with the pictures of the blasts, they were marked as MEB and FEB. I asked her what that meant and before she could answer C says "those are their names!" (Now I know they are something about expanding ... MEB is middle expansing blast. I'm not sure what the F is in FEB.) But that is what we are calling them now.

I go for my beta in 9 days. I am going to be praying everyday, all day.

Dear MEB & FEB, hang on for the long haul and I promise when you come out I will give you all the love in the entire world! Love, Me.


  1. Come on embies! Stick, stick, stick! Pulling for you.

  2. Fingers crossed for you and your 2 babies! Your dh sounds so much like mine. I love a man that makes me laugh, especially in high pressure situations.

  3. Such great news! Bring on the symptoms baby!!!

  4. Your Babies are really cute:) beautiful little embabies.
    I am sooooo happy and excited for you guys! Fingers crossed for a great 9 months journey with little MEB & FEB!
    Now, you just put up your feet and relax, Girl! the job is done. Happy Implantation! Yay:)

  5. Come on, embabies! Please stick! I have my fingers tightly crossed for you.

  6. Hi MEB and FEB!!! How exciting!!! Crossing my fingers, toes, EVERYTHING for you!!!