Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's all about the count.

I went for bloodwork on Tuesday for my E2 levels and the RE called back and said that the levels are increasing (she didn't give me the number) but they want to "stall me a bit." So they decreased my G.onal-f dose from 225ml to 150ml. I, of course, panicked a bit, but after much googling (google is the devil) I saw that since it's my first - and god willing my ONLY - IVF that there is a lot of fine-tuning that needs to be done.

My injections have been going OK. I'm not going to lie, the meds burn going in. But it is definitely bearable. My BFF came over last night to "give" me my injection. She said "this is the one chance I'm going to be able to stick a sharp object in you with you fighting me." Um - was she planning on stabbing me one day? haha. Tonight I am going to try yet again to give these things to myself. God I never thought I'd be such a baby about it!

I went for my first ultrasound this morning since starting the stims. And I guess so far, so good. I don't have any real feedback since the tech did the scan and I'll hear from the RE this afternoon. But they do make it interactive - I had to write down the numbers for her. So ... my lining was 5.1 and she didn't do a full count, but she showed me at least 6 follicles (ranging from 9-10mm) on the right and 5 (same size) on the left. She said there were plenty more, but since they were all the same size, she didn't have to count them. So I left feeling like the injections are doing their job. And also doing their job in the ways of making me emotionally fragile. The cramping and headaches are a distant second to the crying spells, unnecessary arguments with an vendor and instantly disliking people - and letting them know it. I'll be surprised if I don't have ill-feelings sent my way by the end of this. Ahhh - who cares. I'll hopefully have my baby and then everyone else can just fuck off.

Oh how I love these drugs!


  1. I laughed. I finally laughed. Love the 'fuck off'!!!

  2. Oh, those lovely hormones!))) I hope the side effects will ease on you soon! hopefully, with the lower dose it will get better.
    It seems you have a great start! Yay!

  3. LOL LOL!! Love your blog girl!!! F off to them all!

  4. So excited what I have to look forward to! LOL The fine tuning with the first first time TOTALLY stresses me out because I'm with you...hopefully this is the first and last time we have to do this!