Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Taking the plunge!

So I called over to the RE office and made our initial IVF appointment. August 10th.

This isn't our "IVF consultation" - that apparently comes later. This appointment is to discuss my background again and basically refresh his memory of us. Also I think they are doing this appt because my period is due August 11th and she thinks he is going to want to start me on BCP so I would have to take it starting that cycle. There are IVF meetings on Monday nights to discuss cases and come up with protocols and he would go over my chart and THEN we would come in for our IVF consultation the following week - two hours. Two hours of paperwork, meetings, med instructions, financials, more paperwork, u/s, etc.

I'm taking the plunge on this meeting before confirming the insurance information. I figured we get the insurance info on August 1 and then I can send it over the office and get the basic info confirmed. I'm not sure how much the doctor gives the insurance company - does he give them my entire record? Do they make the determination right there or later? Ugh. I wish I knew.

I can't believe I actually made the appointment. It almost feels like I'm not really going to go through with it - I don't know why. My excitement is now nervousness - nervous that this next step is happening. It was so easy to talk about it as a far away event, but now that it is less than three weeks away ... it scares me.

Could this really be the start of it all? Could I actually be pregnant in a few months time???


  1. Good for you for kicking things off and making the appointment! Wishing you the best through all of this. I'll be reading and cheering you along every step of the way!

  2. YAY KIMMY!!! Way to go babe! It's so important to take that first step and remember to move through it all slowly. Some days you will have to digest lots of information, but remember they don't do it all at once, so you can become an expert at each little stage. This is it, Kim...this is it!!!


    YAY! I'm so excited for you!!!

  3. Go girl!!! I cant wait to hear all the good news! You are on your way. Chin up.