Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Don't believe everything you read?

Do I dare believe this?

It may be difficult to read, but it says "The plan pays for the treatment of infertility, not including infertility drugs unless otherwise outlined in the Prescription section (looked that up and they pay 50% of the meds) .... procedures including .... IVF .... will be limited to a max lifetime benefits of $10,000 ...

I'll take it as good news - however I also take it as this will be my one "free" shot!


  1. That's fantastic news! I wish my employer offered anything close to that.

  2. Oh my gosh Kim! That is wonderful. Our plans cover next to nothing...mind you, I shouldn't complain. Canadian health care is pretty damn good but the only province that covers IVF is Quebec. The rest don't (13) I think 13...it keeps changing. Ha ha. I better get that figured out before I teach it to the kids next year.

    I would go with a huge YAY!!!!!!!


  3. GO FOR IT GIRL!!! Very exciting. I am actually going to look into switching our insurance to my work's insurance who cover all things too in November. :) Chin up dahlin! The sun is up and its time to be happy again. Or so I am telling myself, or lying to myself. LOL!

  4. I found out that the company I was freelancing for covered some IF treatments, so against what I wanted to do, I asked to be hired on. I didn't know that they covered this much and that they cover 50% of the meds. And I just found out that the remainder of the 50% I can get discounted if I use the hospital's pharmacy.

    All in all, it was a good decision. I knew a NJ company would cover some of it. You guys should check out to see if your state has a mandate.

  5. With my $10K lifetime limit it covered one IVF, a FET, and half of a second IVF (up to and not including ICSI).

  6. @Jem - really? that's great. who is your insurance carrier?