Friday, May 27, 2011

Position and Dilation?

I have been having a lot of cramping, pressure and shooting pains in my va-gee, so when I went to my midwife appt today, I was excited to hear what kind of progression I have made. First off, my BP was a little high - 130/83. My BP has been excellent throughout the whole pregnancy (110/65), so I was concerned about how high it was. My midwife wasn't really. She thinks because I was running errands this morning and it's 90 degrees, might be the factor, but told me to watch out for weird symptoms - headaches, chest pains, blurred vision, etc. Wonderful.

She measured my belly and did say that I dropped a little bit. Then she felt my belly for the baby and for the first time in 6 weeks, started to question whether or not the baby is head down. What?? I can't imagine the little bulge I've been feeling near my lungs is her head - sometimes I question if it's even her butt because it feels so small. So anyway, she tried to get me into an ultrasound to check, but since it's the Friday before Memorial Day, the u/s tech in the office was gone. She then checked my cervix and figured that she should be able to tell if it's the head internally. That's not so much fun ... def hurts, but I was anticipating the pain from reading message boards and blogs. She said that she is 98% sure the head is down, but still wants me to come in on Wednesday for a ultrasound to check position. Anyhow - she said my cervix is very soft, but no dilation yet! Ahhhh ... I swore that there would have been something, but I guess I'm still 13 days before my due date, so I have some time. I guess I shouldn't try to rush it.

So I will update again after my next appt. And hopefully I'll have another photo of Peyton to share. :)


  1. Don't get discouraged it is still early. Even though I am 1 cm my cervix is still long. Yay for getting to see Peyton again though. I haven't seen Baby P since 20 weeks :(

  2. I hope things are going well as it's been a few days! Maybe Peyton is here?

    BTW-My brother is naming his baby boy Peyton in October, such a cute name!