Thursday, March 24, 2011


How Far Along: 29w

Size of baby: I moved onto another month! Month 7 (29w - 32w)– Baby is the size of Squash - about 15.2 - 16.7 inches long and 2.5 - 3.8 lbs. Baby is def head down. The kicks are starting to come awfully close to my ribs. :)

29w - Peyton's muscles and lungs are continuing to mature, and her head is growing bigger to make room for her developing brain (taking after her daddy). To meet her increasing nutritional demands, I should have plenty of protein, vitamins C, folic acid, and iron. And because her bones are soaking up lots of calcium, I should be drinking milk - although I don't, so I am taking calcium supplements. This trimester, about 250 milligrams of calcium are deposited in her hardening skeleton.

Maternity Clothes: Yup. I've purchased a few more pants, as 5 pair weren't cutting my full time job. But at least they have really cute stuff now.

Weight Gain: Up 2 lbs - 14 in total. I'm happy with that.

Belly: I'm getting bigger!

Stretch Marks: Nope, not yet.

Sleep: I have to say I'm sleeping better, but am more exhausted during the day.

Best Moment of the Week: Getting my glucose results back. I kind of knew since they hadn't called me that I was in the clear, but when she told me today that my levels were an 85, I was thrilled!!! Bring on the cake!

Movement: Yup. She def moves around a lot more. Plus I see my belly move from the outside. Oh and C got to feel her have the hiccups. So cute.

Symptoms: Stuffy nose and sneezing. Oh and - tmi - my vag is seriously swollen and ... yes Jenny McCarthy was right about it turning blue! I told C - Sorry, shop is closed.

Food cravings: No - some days I'm super hungry, others not so much.

Gender: A Little Lady.

What I Miss: My normal vagina.

What I'm Looking Forward To: Our 3D ultrasound is next Friday. I'm soooo excited to see Peyton. It's been over 10 weeks since I've seen her at all and I'm not going to get another u/s this pregnancy, so this is our last shot!

Weekly Wisdom: Back to my age old advice, drink lots of water! Ahem!

Milestones: I’m in the third trimester! I passed my glucose test! I'm only up 14 lbs! I have less than 11 weeks to go! There are too many to count!

Emotions: I have weather dependent depression. Meaning, I was super happy last week when it was 60-70 degrees. The fact that I drove thru a sleet storm last night and woke up to snow this morning has put me in a tailspin towards moodiness. Enough is enough. I'm ready for light spring jackets and bright colored clothes! Even though I would have been thrilled to have a baby anytime of the year, I have to think someone was looking out for me and timed this pregnancy just right! Me + a winter infant + being stuck in the house = disaster! Thank you God for bringing me this baby in the warmth!


  1. I've heard Belly Laughs is a great book. I got it for one of my friends when she got prego. So close!!!