Monday, November 29, 2010

12w4d - Photo Time

I had my first trimester screening today. All is good. Basically there is a 1 in 6000 chance that the baby has Down's and an 1 in 10,000 chance of some other chromosomal defect. So they said it's negative. I did get to see the baby for an extended period of time today - so that was awesome. We started the u/s and the baby was sleeping. The tech then started poking and pushing on my belly and making me shake around. But that baby was out cold. Then after about10 mins, she left the room and said she will be back in a few minutes. I asked her is there anything I could do and she said "Get your baby to wake up." LOL. So C said that maybe I had the baby up all night coughing (still stuffy and coughing) so I decided to start coughing, thinking maybe it will do the trick. And sure enough, when the tech came back, the baby was moving around like crazy. Flinging its arms and legs around and jumping up and down. It was so awesome. I kept giggling and the tech smiled and said "Stop laughing. I have to measure it." It was a great day.

Then I had my second OB appt. Everything is great. Blood pressure is awesome. I haven't gained any weight - well maybe one pound. She said "You're a healthy girl. Great job." I like hearing this even though I'm a little overweight. :)

I also took the plunge and posted on FB. It was nice to get all the congrats and well wishes. But I did get three comments that pissed me off. 1. "Motherhood is amazing." 2. "I knew C could get the job done." 3. "See. Good things do come to those who wait." Ok. I'm sure you all know why each of these piss me off. But in case you are still wondering, I will explain.

1. Motherhood is amazing. Ok. This is probably coming from the IFer in me. I always hated these types of FB posts. Like there is nothing else in this world that is as great as being a mom.Yes, I'm thrilled to become a mother, but still it's a stupid comment. Like I get to become a member of some secret club. "Motherhood." C told me to comment back "I'm glad my news supports your self worth." I'm so happy he gets it.
2. I knew C could get the job done. Ummm. Actually no he couldn't. And neither could I. Does that make us any less of parents to be? I wish people just wouldn't assume. (And keep in mind, this came from a family member. ugh.)
3. See. Good things do come to those who wait. The only think I can say about this is SHUT THE FUCK UP! And what bad things come to those who don't wait???

Anyway - 3 out of numerous comments isn't that bad. Maybe I should just de-friend those people. Then maybe they will learn to keep their mouths shut. :)

Here is a picture of the little bean with it's LONG legs! It's going to be a GIANT! oh and looks like an alien ... not the cutest of pictures yet. But I love it all the same!


  1. I think he/she is beautiful and going to be very tall. I am so glad everything came back wonderful. What an awesome day!

    Ugh why are people so stupid! All three of those comments would have pissed me off too.

  2. Congrats! F those people! They have no clue how it feels to not be able to get pregnant on your own. No one knows unless they have been there and it sucks! LOL as we both know. Well I am super excited for you and it seems so real now!!

  3. OMG Kim! I totally wretched when I read all 3 of those comments!!! I'm so glad that you posted about them and frustrated, with you, that they even had to be posted in the first place. Your experience has taught you to appreciate and not make judgments. And despite the difficult journey that it is/ will be a better mother because of it. I totally agree with that. And, you're not so bad in the friend department either. ;) xoxo Way to go on an excellent day. Enjoy!

  4. Those ARE some long legs! How exciting!!!

  5. I'm so glad that everything went well, and the baby looks great. :) As for the stupid people, screw them. They will never know how hard you worked for this moment!