Thursday, November 18, 2010

11 weeks

How Far Along: 11 weeks - wow. 12 weeks is coming up fast!

Size of baby: 1.6 inches - the size of a lovely lime.

Maternity Clothes: No. But around 5 pm, I have to unbutton some of work pants.

Stretch Marks: No. I use baby oil right out of the shower - my skin is so smooth. Plus I smell like a baby now. :)

Sleep: Ugh. I hate complaining at all about this pregnancy, but my sleep has been just awful. Every hour up - plus I'm coughing up a storm from either allergies or a lingering cold.

Best Moment of the Week: Getting to 11 weeks. Nothing really exciting happened this week.

Movement: No.

Symptoms: Still tired, sore bbs, stretching and pulling of the uterus, stuffed up nose, headaches - oh the headaches.

Food cravings: Salads. And meat. I love me some meat.

Gender: ?

What I Miss: Nothing really.

What I'm Looking Forward To: To hearing the heart beat (I have a doppler and by god I will get it to work!!! - although I did hear the placenta. I was told it sounds like wind blowing thru trees and yes it does.) and to start to show. I can't wait for a little belly. (Or big belly!)

Weekly Wisdom: Drink lots of water.

Milestones: Made it through the week without C - he was in New Orleans on business. He gets home tonight. Oh and I finally am listening to the doctor's orders and am weaning myself off the progesterone suppositories. It will be nice when I don't have to do those anymore.

Emotions: I tend to fly a little off the handle - especially at work. But I come down from it pretty fast. And I get the tingling nose thing (you know, the start of a cry) a lot.
I'm counting down the days to 1. the next u/s on the 29th and 2. our trip to Key West two days later. What an exciting week that will be!

I've been really bad about posting and such. I usually do the majority of it at work - heehee - but I've just been so busy I haven't had the time. I'd like to get on here and post about non-baby things. I do get ideas in my head, but they don't last long. (that pregnancy brain thing is no joke) I swear - I'm more interesting than just the pregnant broad you've been reading about. Maybe during the second trimester I'll gain a little bit of my spunk back!


  1. Next week marks the first trimester-how exciting!!!

  2. Awesome. This is just awesome. xo

  3. Yeah yeah yeah!!! So cool, congrats on 11 weeks!