Wednesday, November 24, 2010

11w6d - Bumps

Since I haven't really had many pregnancy symptoms - and especially now since the ones I did have are gone - it's been difficult to connect to "being or feeling pregnant" So I've become obsessed with how my belly looks. I stare at it, willing and wishing it larger. Looking from all angles, sticking it out as far as it can go and sucking it back it. All in hopes to see if it's slightly different from before. I told C this morning that I feel this is similar to when you lose weight - you don't really see a difference and the people you see everyday don't either, but it's the people you haven't seen in a few weeks that notice. That's how I think this is. I won't notice if my bump is growing - maybe my mom will because I haven't seen her in a few weeks... I don't know.

I haven't gained any weight (thank god b/c I have not been eating all that great lately. All I want is burgers!) but I do notice that my work pants - since they sit higher than my jeans - are getting really tight around the midsection. Sometimes I have to do the hairtie trick. (Loop a hair tie to the slit in the pants and then wrap it around the button to keep them on.) So I decided to bite the bullet and post the photos I've been taking of myself. They really aren't that great - I need to take photos with the same clothes on - but maybe you guys can see a difference. (this isn't the best picture quality either - did this super quick, but you get the point)

It's hard to tell really - I think I def have a little something on the last one, but it was also after I ate lunch and you know the bloating starts then. I want a little something. Something that says "Yup, I'm pregnant too ... not just fat!"

Anyhow, besides obsessing over my stomach, I've been counting down the days until my next appt. 5 days. I'm really anxious about it. Not because it's the u/s that shows whether or not I'm at higher risk for Down's or something, but because I haven't seen the little in almost 4 weeks! that is too long! If only my at home doppler worked - then I would know that the little one is in there. I'm sure he/she is chilling and is just fine, but you know, I like confirmation.

Tomorrow I am 12 weeks. WOW! I probably won't get on to do the update - should have done it today - since it's Thanksgiving! I'm looking forward to all the wonderful FOOD! Oh and time with family! So whomever is celebrating it, Happy Thanksgiving! I know I have a lot to be thankful for this year!


  1. Yay for the bump! I see it, I see it!!! Go Kimmy go!!!! Enjoy your day tomorrow and little bump. ;) Let's chat soon. xo

  2. I see a little bump! How exciting, definitely something to be thankful for!

  3. I see a bump.:) For your pants, to make them "last" a bit longer, I recommend a belly band from Motherhood Maternity. It allows you to have your pants unbuttoned, but smooths it so no one notices. It also works great as your belly grows and some of your tops come up to avoid showing off your belly.

  4. What an adorable little bump! How exciting, we are pretty much the same at the moment. Little bumps. . .