Monday, June 14, 2010

Number 2

Ok - it's been sometime since my last "little fact" about myself. I'd like to make this a more regular thing ....

Number 2

I am the President of the Board of a non profit called My dear friend D started this nonprofit and I was lucky enough to help her from the ground up. I, of course, did all of the design work in kind. It's one of my favorite logos. It's really a fabulous mission. OSW grants simple wished to children and families in need - primarily children in the foster care system and homeless families. OSW was launched in December 2008 and since then we have granted almost 800 wishes, including taking a ton of foster children to a baseball game; haircuts; prom dresses for girls in foster care or residential homes; and scuba lessons for a Little - just to name a few!

The great thing about how the system is set up is that as a donor you can see EXACTLY where you're money is going. You can choose to search wishes either by age of child, organization affiliated with, item, type of wish (goods, experience, etc.) and dollar amount. Whatever the donor decided to grant, they know that they are sending money for or purchasing a "coat" for "a 5 yr boy" who is living in "foster care" in "x town". It's a great way for the donor to feel a connection with the recipient.

It's a lot of work, but such amazingly rewarded work. Sometimes when I'm feeling bad about something, anything, I think about the 800 children that I helped put a smile on their faces, even just for a day.

For more information on On.e Simp.le Wis.h, please feel free to visit

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