Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Already I'm bad poster

It's more than a full month since my last post. If I really want this to be decent, I have to get on here more often.

Since my last post, C and I went on a vacation. It was a last minute trip and a MUST needed one. I've been putting off going on vacation ever since we starting trying to have a bambino. Every time we talked about planning a trip, I'd say "well let's not go to Italy, because if I'm pregnant I won't be able to drink all that great wine ..." And that's pretty much the same line I'd given to France, Greece, New Zealand, etc. Plus the fact that I've lost two pregnancies, I think I'd be nervous going out of the country while pregnant. (I know, I'm going to be one of those big wusses when I get pregnant...)

So we've been putting it off. Finally I had a breakdown a few weeks ago and we planned a trip within two weeks, so as least I knew I was pregnant. Anyhow, it was a great time. However during the trip, AF showed her ugly face four days early. It's like she is saying "Hey, hey - don't forget about me!" She is a persistent bitch.

Well other than that, I have nothing to really report on the fertility front. Status quo (god I hate that saying, but it's the truth)

I promise to get on here more often. I'm a lousy baker and apparently a lousy poster!

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