Friday, April 23, 2010


It's the oddest thing about having trouble getting pregnant. I could be having the best day ever, but when something small of a baby relation happens in the world of this infertile - all bets are off.

I slept in late this morning, got up and it was sunny and warm. I thought today is going to be a good day. Checked the weather, got dressed, snuggled my S* (you will meet him soon - best puppy baby ever!) and then innocently jumped online to check email and then peruse FB. And that's when I saw it, ANOTHER friend announcing her pregnancy. It was like a punch from a 250lb man to my stomach. I sat there reading all the "Congratulations!!" and "Being a Mom is the best! Good Luck." and thought to myself - is it ever going to be my turn? And instead of closing the browser, I masochistically went to all the other friends I know are pregnant and read their pages. Why do I do that to myself? Maybe I'm just trying to build up a tolerance to pregnant friends. That way when the next person tells me they are pregnant I won't think of it any more than if they had told me that they bought a shirt or something. Yeah, that's it - sounds like a good idea. I'm so smart! Now back to my good day ...

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  1. It's definitely like watching a car don't want to see it...but keep your eyes glued. I think through all of this, our patience, tolerance and love for our children will be outstanding. If I can be so bold as to say...I think the following will be for US. OUR children will have care and nurturing for others in their hearts. OUR children will appreciate things around them. And OUR children will do what they can to help those in need. Why? Because of the road WE have traveled. They will know just how precious life really is. This is what I see for US. Just some thoughts to help bring a little sunshine on those cloudy days when we think of what we don't have. One day, it will be worth it.