Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Crunch time

Starting a work out schedule can be daunting - especially when I want most, if not all of my non working, non sleeping time with Peyton, but nevertheless it is needed. I've worked out a hand full of times since I've had the baby but not on a consistent basis. It's prob been almost 2 yrs since I was steadily working out. I stopped right before we started ivf. That would be July 2010.
As you may have read a few posts ago (pumping 101) it is go time.
My stomach is a soft, pillow-ly cousin of its former self; my arms continue to wave after I've said my goodbyes (no thanks to my super light baby - she's not even heavier than my dumbbells!); and my ass has become very helpful in transforming itself into a shelf I can place things on. needless to say I have to start working out. I convinced C to purchase us a treadmill in the promise that I will get on that thing multiple times a week. The new machine and I have only met twice since its move in about two wks ago. I need some motivation. You would think the fact that I'm carrying a muffin around my waist would do it - but ah nope.
So I decided to register for a race. A simple 5k. In 3 mons. Enough time to be realistic but not too much time that I can put off starting. So with that being said I will starting my training program tomorrow morning - 6am. I am making my friends here hold me accountable. Ask me how it's going. Ask me when I ran last. I need some pushers! I will - gulp - post a "before" post and ?!?!! Photo ?!?! this week. Yikes!

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  1. Totally sounds doable...you can do this!!!

    I so need to get on this train. I miss the gym/working out so much, I feel horrid. Hopefully once I sleeps more during the night, we can get into a better routine.