Monday, January 2, 2012

And we're off ...

C and I are in the throes of packing up the last minute stuff before we go to bed. We are taking Peyton on her first plane trip tomorrow morning. We are headed off to Florida to visit my dad and stepmom. I'm excited about this trip for many reasons.
One - we are heading out of this cold place and going to hit up the warm weather! (Actually I don't think it's suppose to be all that warm tomorrow there but still a hell of a lot better than home's temp <25 degrees!!!>)
Two - I'm excited to take Peyton on a plane. I know she will NEVER remember this, but still I will like telling her about this experience - I didn't go on my first plane trip until I was 19.
Three - Obviously excited to see my dad and spend some time with him. Excited to see his house - he recently built a home in a retirement community. Apparently this community is like a big college for retired people. Lots of mid day drinking, golfing, lunching, golfing, drinking, etc. Hopefully it should be a good time!
And fourth - this is a big one ... C and I are leaving Peyton with my dad and stepmom for two nights and heading over to the gulf for a little get away. This will be the very first time I'm away from her overnight. Let alone two nights! I think I'll be OK, but who knows. Luckily we are only a car drive away so if I'm desperately missing her, we could always pop in the car and head back to my dad's. OR I'll just drink as soon as we get to the resort and relish in the fact that I sleep in and nap whenever I want to! :)

Anyhow, I'll post in a week or so, hopefully with some pics of me with a tan!!! LOL. Enjoy your week ladies!!

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  1. Have a great trip! will check back for pics;) She is adorable!