Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Orientation? More like disoriented

We had our big IVF orientation last Thursday. And for all of you who have gone through this, I think can agree with me, it is overwhelming.

I came to the appointment with a FUUULLLL bladder as instructed. First, we went over all the consents and I swear I don't remember what exactly Ms. RE said. I was just thinking about how bad I needed to pee. And then, after about 15 mins they asked me for a "small sample" I laughed and said I'm not sure I would be able to stop. Though my superwoman powers allowed me to just give a little and actually stop. Finally we go to do the practice transfer and a sonohystogram. They both paled in comparison to the HSG (thank GOD) but I swear I came very close to releasing my bladder mid way through. In fact when she was done, I got up in front of everyone - bare assed and all - and ran into the bathroom. (And no, it wasn't down the hall. It was attached to the u/s room. Though that would have been funnier!)

Anyhow, after the best pee of my life, C and I went into the Nurse S's office and started to go over all the meds. She is super nice and very funny. We actually had a good time. Nurse S walked me through my meds and schedule. We mentioned the killer discount I get on G.onal-F so she called my hospital pharmacy and switched me from F.ollistim to GF. No problem. She then went through the medication demos and I think I got it. Well even if I didn't, C being the little brainiac he is (Completely O/T - do you remember that show, Brain Games???), wrote everything down. So we go through all the sub-q shots and then comes the big guy. The one I've been dreading. The good ole PIO. So Nurse S goes though the motions. Before she switches out the needle, she says "Now if C comes at you with this pink needle you run!" (18g pink - yeah, it's that big!) Then she gives C the needle and a fake body/pin cushion thing and says he can practice as I read through the anesthesiologist paperwork. When I was finished, she asks C if he would like to practice on me! The thoughts through my head were "no way ... forget about it ... nope." But then I thought, it is going to have to be done eventually and what better place for him to practice other then in front of Nurse S. So here I am hunched over her desk with my skirt half way down my butt (my ass got a lot of attention that day.) and standing on one leg. She tells C to count to three and he stops her and says "She isn't going to want me to. She is going to want me to just do it." Good man. He is right. So he does it (no meds, just in and out) and it was over. Scared for nothing. Now I know with the meds it will be a different story, but I'm happy that I got the anticipation of the pain out of the way.

So, I learned a lot that day and am now currently armed with all my meds. Just waiting for Sept 5th to come around and then I get to really jump on this train, go for a ride and I'm praying everyday that my final stop is in Babyville! (I heard it's nice this time of year.)


  1. WOW WOW WOW!!! Well here we go girl, there is no turning back now. How exciting, I am praying for yall!

  2. Woop Woop! Buckle up chicklet!!!

    Cause here we goooooooooo!!!!

  3. How nice that you got a one on one orientation! Ours was with a group of 16. I have my sonal and TET next week...hurry up and call me back doctor's office! Can't wait to follow your journey, sounds like we're in this together!

  4. It seems you have everything ready to go to put this show on the road. The 5th is almost here! how very exciting:)
    Cheering for you from overseas;)
    September will be a great month!!!