Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Name Game

As I mentioned in my last post, we have finally locked up the name for the little one. I wish there was a good story behind it, but there is not. For the longest time, I loved the name Logan for a girl. This goes back to pregnancy #2. I hadn’t really thought of names for the first pregnancy, but once I had made it my life’s mission to get pregnant again over two years ago, I lived, breathed, and talked babies. So I had the names all settled … Jackson Charles for a boy, Logan Elizabeth for a girl. I never brought it up again. I kept them in my vault prepared when it was in fact my time, to bring them out, brush the dust off them and put them to use.

While we were preparing for IVF this summer, I brought up the name game again. I had different feelings about Jackson – as in the two year time frame, a family member had named their son Jack and I felt I lost the privilege of using it. So I went back to the drawing board. Our next name for a boy was Carter. I absolutely LOVE this name and it is still our number name for a boy. (Hands off ladies … just kidding) However our name for the girl hadn’t changed. It was still Logan Elizabeth. When by the grace of “someone”, I ended up pregnant after IVF, C and I spoke a little bit more about the names. We playful added a few more names to the mix for a girl and we’re settled on Carter for a boy. Since we swore up and down that it was a boy, I hadn’t even given the girl name any more thought. However when we heard those little words “It’s a girl.” That all changed.

One of the names we added to the mix for the girls really struck me as such a beautiful name. And more and more, it started to push Logan out of the frontrunner’s position. I started to feel like this was my little one’s name. So finally I said to C that we really need to lock this up. I felt like I wanted to give her more a personality, make her more “real” to me and having a given name would help that. We sat one night at P.anera Bread and went through a list of girl names on my i.Phone. We brought up a few other names we liked – Logan, Parker, Morgan, Kennedy, Reagan (do you see the how this almost turned into a list of airports there – that was noticed by my brother who saw the list. I just love unisex names.) As much I liked some of these other names, they weren’t hers. I kept going back to the one I’d fallen in love with. And finally as we ate our cookies, in a P.anera Bread, we decided on the name of our daughter.

That was probably 2 weeks ago. I held onto the name and didn’t share it – well I did with BFF and a few other family members, in case we wanted to go back and discuss it – and we have. C still really likes Kennedy. But ultimately in the end, we stuck with the name we agreed on. And that name is .... drum roll please .....

Peyton Elizabeth

I'm really excited about it and can't wait to meet her. C is really cute and always kisses my belly in the morning and says "Good Morning Peyton." My BFF has already taught her kids "Peyton." When I told my dad, he said "Peyton's Place?" I had no idea what he was talking about, but apparently there was a prime time soap opera - before Dallas and Dynasty - called Peyton's Place. I like that I haven't really heard the name used by friends, but that it is recognizable as a name and not something obscure like Apple or Pilot. Anyhow, it's feels great that she has name and that we are less than 4 months away from meeting her! YAY!


  1. I love the name Peyton and Elizabeth. They sound so beautiful together. I can't wait to see Miss Peyton in 4 months!!