Thursday, February 3, 2011

22 weeks

How Far Along: 22 weeks.

Size of baby: Month 5 – Baby is the size of a papaya, 10.5 - 12 inches long and weighs about 1 - 1.5 lb. Here's another comparison.

The facial features are becoming more defined, with brows and eyelids in position, lips distinct, and eyes have formed completely, yet the iris still lacks pigment. The fingernails have grown to the ends of the fingertips and the hair is without pigment and is a shade of striking white. The liver is beginning to break down bilirubin with help from me, and the pancreas is maturing. The brain is entering a stage of rapid growth. Hearing is sharper, and the baby can pick out voices, the sounds of your rumbling stomach and blood circulating.

Maternity Clothes: OK – I’m biting the bullet and moving to straight maternity pants. I ordered two pair of good jeans and two more work pants. I think I should be good now … My shirts are still fitting and I think they will for some time.

Weight Gain: Up to 7-8 lbs.

Belly: Michelle – this is for you! I feel like I look huge!

Stretch Marks: None so far.

Sleep: I don’t want to talk about sleep. Last night was terrible. Between tossing and turning to begin with, C was snoring because he has a cold and then the fact that my lady parts are still itchy from being swollen made for a nice sleep of … ohh … 1.5 hours.

Best Moment of the Week: Locking up the name! I will put it in a separate post.

Movement: I am starting to feel her on a schedule now. I feel her move around 7:30-8am, then again around lunch time, sometimes in the afternoon and then not again until 8-9 pm. I don’t really feel her during the night – but it may be because it’s not strong enough to wake me up …

Symptoms: I'm getting a little tired again, but that might be from the lack of sleep I'm getting.

Food cravings: No more consistent cravings.

Gender: Still a girl … I hope. ;)

What I Miss: Nothing really. Well, actually sleep. I miss sleep.

What I'm Looking Forward To: Registering. We’ve talked about it a few times, but haven’t actually gone out there to do it.

Weekly Wisdom: This is going to be weather related ... um, don't go outside in the ice if you're pregnant. Plain and simple.

Milestones: Feeling her move all the time now … J

Emotions: I still get a little snippy fast, but I’m going to blame the exhaustion. Haha.


  1. Woot woot!!!

    LOVE IT!!!

    You are looking fab! Can't wait until you spill the beans on her chosen name.

    Is it....



  2. You look so cute! Not huge at all. How exciting to feel her move!

  3. You look great! More than halfway! I love reading about baby names so I can't wait for that post.