Tuesday, December 28, 2010

16w5d - Sick and Set!

Christmas came and went and it was good. Family came over on Xmas Eve for my annual Xmas Eve Open House. I usually love throwing this event, but I was exhausted from all the running around - and I'm only pregnant. Makes me think twice about hosting it next year with an infant.

Anyhow, the joy of Christmas itself has been diluted by the fact that I'm sick. Boo. Being sick sucks. Being sick while pregnant so you can't take any symptom masking medicine - BLOWS. Plus on top of being sick we had a major snow storm here in good 'ole Jersey and C and my brother J are stuck in the house with me. Let me just say that I may not be the only miserable one here. And I feel a little angst towards J because he was the one who got me sick. Although he is feeling better, I'm sure the hole I've been burning into the back of his head with fiery stink eyes will start to hurt soon. (I hate being sick.)

But on an upside, I had my 16w midwife appointment yesterday. We got to hear the heartbeat again and C videotaped it so we have it on "record". It took the nurse a bit to find the heartbeat and C admitted to me in the car afterwards that for a second he was getting nervous that they weren't going to find it. But all was fine. The heartbeat was in the high 150s. The midwife then came in and she said all is going well - my uterus is growing "wonderfully" and although I'm concerned about my weight gain (I've gained 6 lbs in 4.5 weeks) she said, "it's the holidays. Don't worry about it. Keep eating good and keep exercising." So that made me feel better. I was suppose to get the second blood draw for the triple screen yesterday since it needs to be done between 16 and 19 weeks, but the lab person didn't make it yesterday (due to the snow). So instead of coming back for my next appointment in four weeks - which would make me 20w4d - my next appt is in 2.5weeks - 19w exactly. So you know what that means ... that means that I get to find out if there is a little boy or little girl in there on January 14th!!! I'm sooo excited! It's so exciting to actually have the gender ultrasound set. It's going to go by so fast. So ladies, get your guesses in ...


  1. I am guessing BOY! You are right there with me with no morning sickness, I am taking that as a sign. :)

  2. Sorry you are sick! I'm guessing GIRL based on the heartbeat... Feel better soon!

  3. Where has the time gone??? I can't believe it's already time to find out the sex!

  4. I can't believe how fast time is flying! how exciting!!!:)