Thursday, December 9, 2010

14 weeks

How Far Along: 14 weeks

Size of baby: 3.4 inches, 1.5 oz - the size of a lemon.

Baby is busy with thumb sucking, toe wiggling, and (not so cute but equally amazing) making urine and breathing amniotic fluid as the liver, kidneys and spleen continue to develop. Lanugo (thin, downy hair) is growing all over the body for warmth.

Maternity Clothes: Not yet, but about 50% of my pants need to be unbuttoned or I need to use the Bella Band. Although it doesn't work that great because I'm not THAT big, so it keeps falling down in the back.

Weight Gain: Jumped on the scale yesterday morning and even after a vacation eating frenzy, I'm only up 2 lbs.

Stretch Marks: None so far. Linea nigra is getting darker and I've noticed that I'm starting to get a little peach fuzz on my belly.

Sleep: I'm up about once a night to pee, but sleep has gotten a little better. I can still sleep on my stomach.

Best Moment of the Week: Being alone with C and enjoying our last "baby-free" vacation.

Movement: I'm wishful thinking here, but last night I felt a little "something". I'm sure it was gas or a cramp, but since it's getting close I'm more aware of any feeling I have in that area.

Symptoms: Symptoms are dwindling down. Not as tired, bbs don't hurt anymore. Pregnancy brain is in full effect though. :) Oh, headaches - they are still going strong.

Food cravings: I haven't had many cravings lately. I don't want a burger like I did a few weeks ago. I still love salads though.

Gender: The closer it gets, the more I want to know. I still have about a month and a half before we can find out.

What I Miss: Mostly nothing. But I can say after this vacation, I do miss the occasional drink.

What I'm Looking Forward To: Looking a little more pregnant than just fat. Feeling the baby move!!!

Weekly Wisdom: If you travel while pregnant, you can deny the full body scan. Although I've read that it's not harmful to the baby, I don't think it's been around long enough to come up with accurate data. Why risk it? Get hand searched - not fun, but at least the baby will be safe.

Milestones: I hear the heart beat whenever I use my doppler. No more searching. :)

Emotions: I am WE-EPY all the time. While we were at Key West, there was triathlon that finished at our hotel. As the runners were finishing, I started crying. It was really ridiculous. Thank god I had my sunglasses on. :)


  1. This is so exciting! Glad you're back safely and even not prego, I still cry at that kind of stuff!

  2. Yay for 14 weeks! I think we need an updated belly shot. Welcome back, I am glad you had a wonderful vacation, crying and all.

  3. Aww. So good to hear that all is well in baby land! Yay for that doppler! Sooooo reassuring.