Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Month 1

OK - I'm going to try to write down the first month ... if I can remember it! Sorry this is going to read a little more like a "journal" entry than an entertaining post as I try to remember everything.

While in the hospital, I felt pretty confident with Peyton. She was breastfeeding like a champ. I was feeling better than I thought I would - I was up and walking around less than 24 hours after her birth. Wasn't sleeping at all, but "hey, it's not that bad." I hated putting her in that clear bucket they call a bassinet, so she slept on me almost all the time. I was counting down the days, then hours until we could be discharged and start our lives all together.

When we got home, I apparently became a different person. I freaked out. I cried and cried and felt so overwhelmed. It was like in the hospital we are on a baby vacation - vacation from the rest of our lives, but once home, it was like the house chores were there, the responsibilities were all there and now with the addition of the biggest responsibility of all - raising a baby. It took a lot out of me to put her down to sleep. I was so use to holding her 24/7, that putting her down for a nap sent me over the edge ... multiple times. I remember saying "I can't do this." And feeling so guilty for feeling that way. I really don't think anyone can REALLY prepare you for caring for a newborn. It's exciting, exhausting, nerve-racking, aggravating, unbelievable ... the list of adjectives could go on and on. I knew it was a 24/7 job, but didn't realize that is was a 24/7 JOB.

The first few weeks consisted of naps, feedings, changing diapers, rocking, fussing, crying (on my part), pain and trying to sleep. Peyton was doing great. She left the hospital weighing 5lbs 7 oz and when we went back two days later, she was up 6 oz - almost to her original birth weight. When we went back at her two week check up, she was up to 6 lbs 6oz. Yay! She was gaining weight. So happy! Everything else was great with her. They were watching her hips - due to the breech position, they weren't 100% in the "socket" so they say we may plan on doing an ultrasound around 2 months to confirm they are growing correctly.

C was becoming the baby whisperer. He knew how to calm her down and in that we found out that she loves the outside. She could be fussing and the second we walked her outside, she became completely calm. Another reason I'm sooo happy that I had her during the summer.

At two weeks, I took her out-out for the first time. First to her ped appt and then a really quick trip to Target. Over the next two weeks, we went out a few more times. To a friends house, to visit work, to BRU - a lot. She is great in the car, in the stroller and on the go. She loves her M.oby Wrap. C loves the wrap too.

We did her first bath after her belly button fell off around 1o days or so. She LOVES the bath!!!

We ran into some breastfeeding issues around 3 1/2 weeks. She seems to be aggravated at how much she needs to work to get the "back end" of the milk. The initial let down is very strong. We are still in the process of trying to "fix" it. But in the interim, I've been pumping and she has been getting breast milk in a bottle. I still try to breast feed her during the day (at night, she nurses fine b/c she is sleepy.) and it's a battle, but one I'm not ready to lose.

She didn't get a one month check up, but we did weight her at home and she was about 7 lbs 2oz give or take. So she gained about 12 oz in two weeks - so good!

I'm sure I'm forgetting things - like she was cross eyed for a bit. She def is going to have brown eyes - like me. I love seeing her smile in her sleep - it is by far the BEST thing ever. She loves her vibrating chair and finally started to enjoy her swing. We have black and white flash cards and she does focus on them. She loves for us to read to her. She is great on tummy time - she has such a strong neck. Hmmm - I know I'm forgetting stuff, but I think this is a good wrap up for the first month.

I will try to get on here at least once a week and update as the days are turning into weeks and soon enough I'll be back at work and she'll be 3 months old!


  1. So awesome! Peyton...I LOVE YOU!!!!


  2. She is gorgeous! I loved reading your story. I imagine the first couple weeks may get bumpy. It is such a huge change in all of your lives! But you two are doing wonderful, great job Mommy and Daddy!